Cruelty Free Make up Brushes

I am not a big fan of using my dogs fur to apply my make up are you ? But so many brands out there are happy to supply us with make up brushes commonly made from squirrel, horse, mink hair.

Every year, millions of these animals are slaughtered, captured, beaten or skinned alive just so you can have that perfect brush to apply your make up on a regular basis. While the United Kingdom does have strict animal cruelty laws, many countries which we import such goods from don’t.

There is NO need to have real animal hair in your make up brushes as there are so many high end synthetic brushes for us to choose from. BareMinerals, a well known brand still use pony and goats hair and so does MAC.

I strongly recommend EcoTools or The Body Shop. Both brands are relatively cheap and are high quality. The brushes are soft and feel luxurious on your skin.The Body Shop facial powder brushes are extremely soft on your skin, while their eye makeup brushes give you good control to perfect your eyeshadow. Even better are the fact that Ecotools donate part of their revenues to helping the environment and their packaging is recyclable.DSC_0372.JPG

They both are synthetic so thats right, no animals are harmed in the making and they apply make up the same or even better quality than those brands made with animal hair. So my question is why are people fuelling these businesses with demand for animal hair make up brushes ? There simply isn’t any need and most of the time people are not even aware about what hairs are in their make up brush as long as it does the job. I think its time these industries stopped using animals in this manner especially when the alternative is just as good or even better.


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