12 Days of Lush Products Review

Lush is one of my favourite companies. Their products are never tested on animals and best of all…most of their products are vegan friendly. So obviously this year I asked for a lot of lush products for Christmas as well as purchasing a few bits beforehand to get myself ready for this holiday period! So here are my verdicts of 12 Lush Products tested over 12 days.

The products I used were are all vegan and are listed below:

  1. I Love Juicy (Shampoo)
  2. Grease Lightening Spot Treatment
  3. 9 to 5 (cleanser)
  4. Tea Tree Water (Toner)
  5. Veganese (Conditioner)
  6. Dirty Springwash (Shower Gel)
  7. Eyes Right (Mascara)
  8. Rose Jam (Bath bar)
  9. Ro’s Argan (Body conditioner)
  10. Golden Wonder (Bath bomb)
  11. Butterball (Bath bomb)
  12. Star Dust (Bath bomb)


I Love Juicy Shampoo

This smells like tropical fruits in a bottle. Afterwards, my hair has never felt so fresh and clean. It lathers easily when using which means you only need a little amount so I am pretty sure this bottle will last me a good few months. I would happily recommend this product as its a great everyday shampoo which has left my hair feeling refreshed and soft.


Grease Lightening Spot Treatment

This is a gel like formula which one should apply to your area of need. It does soothe my area of irration but I am yet to see it work. I think its perhaps a product which needs to be used regularly to see a difference but I will defiantly keep up with it and hopefully be able to update you all later.

9 to 5 cleanser

I love this product. Usually cleansers dry my face out or feel too greasy to use but this product leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. It is visible when you use a cotton pad to apply that this product works as you can visibly see the dirt collected on your skin over night or at the end of the day when you apply the cleanser then you can simply wash it off with warm water. Over the few days of using it, my pores do look visibly reduced so this is a keeper in my skincare routine from now on.

Tea Tree Water (Toner)

Simple and easy to apply. Simply spray and rub into your skin. It makes my facial preparation in the morning a lot quicker and I love the smell of tea tree. Usually with toners, I find them a little to harsh on my skin but this product has not caused any redness or dryness so its a keeper. However, I think this product works well for those prone to spot break outs as the tea tree certainly calms this area of my skin down but I can imagine it to be a little too harsh on those without this problem so perhaps look into other toners available at Lush.



I don’t use conditioner every time I wash my hair but use it once or twice a week. Veganese is such a light conditioner and it really does soft and moisture my hair leaving it silky smooth. I purchased the smallest bottle which will last me a while but I did find I had to use more than my regular conditioner so if you are a more regular user of conditioner this may be a more expense investment but I did find the my hair had more of a gloss look to it.

Dirty Springwash

This shower gel was perfect after a long day or that sweaty work out. It left me feeling so fresh and clean. My skin was smooth and smelt of spearmint, one of my favourite smells. After a workout or a long day I found this nourished and helped relax my muscles too which is more than I could have for in a shower gel. I would certainly recommend this to all my fitness fans out there.

Eyes Right Mascara

Who would have thought a brand so known for bath and shower products does make up and perfume too. The mascara comes in quite a small bottle which I was worried would not last me too long but I may be mistaken. Each time I have applied it, there have been no clumps in the mascara and has a big affect making my eyelashes look bigger. It easily lasts all day… the only downside is that it is not waterproof.

Rose Jam

What can be better when you purchase one lovely smelling bath bar to be told to twist and spilt it into two halves so you can use it twice. After a long week, I simply placed this in a warm bath and the room came alive with a sweet smell which then lasted on my skin through the whole of the next day which I was not complaining about. If you love the smell of flowers this was certainly is for you.

Ro’s Argan

If you liked the Rose Jam, this is a perfect body conditioner to use more often than the bath bar with the same beautiful smell. Simply apply it to your skin and wash out and dap your skin dry. I could not use this product everyday but perhaps more like once a week leaving my skin stay smooth and radiant. You only need a small amount to get this desired result so while the pot may seem expensive, it is most definitely long lasting.

Golden Wonder

A gold present bath bomb! Gilter and everything you expect from its gold exterior. The sweet sense of orange fills the room but you suddenly become surprised by the bright blue interior that fizzes away. This is definitely a great Christmas present for anyone who loves lush and I hope they bring it back next year!



Compared to all the fun coloured bath bombs at lush this one may get simply overlooked by being a plain white sphere or at christmas it shaped as a bear. However, your missing out especially given the winter season. I notice when it starts to get colder, my body seems to become a little drier so I decided to give this ago as recommend by the sales assistant. I am so grateful he did as my skin has never felt so silky and smooth and full of moisture. My dry skin has disappeared but the only downside is that bath can become a little bit of a hazard as it turns very slippery.

Star Dust

This was given to me as part of a gift set (along with golden wonder) which was beautiful wrapped as typical of lush gifts. The smell is not overwhelming but quite calming and turns the water a beautiful aqua blue colour. It has specks of colour in it which by the end of bath meant I had to clean it out throughly. I was not overly impressed but if you like vanilla then this may be one for you try.



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