Hi I’m Ellie.

This is my pure, honest account of my journey in recovery from anorexia and other mental health issues. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and I feel obliged to share my knowledge and developments. This blog is dedicated to recipes, nutrition, fitness, health, charity and life in genera . The charity I strongly support is First Steps in Derbyshire, to donate you can do this through my Just Giving Page.


I hope you find inspiration and hope from my pages as well as ways in which you can transform your life. However, it is a honest account thus if you are recovering from an eating disorder yourself, I think you need to question whether this blog post will hinder your recovery or not. Even if you think you are strong, be careful not to put temptation in anorexia way. 


I’m not claiming to be a nutritionist; these recipes and nutrition advice are designed to give ideas and I cannot take any responsibility for your own health. I believe one should consult a dietitian before altering their diets dramatically and I have no connection to products I suggest. All photos and recipes are owned by me so please do not copy. Thank you. 


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