I was recently at an event when one person approached me and asked “I thought you would be wearing your trainers?” This certainly got me thinking.
There was a time when I would have agreed. Having an eating disorder meant that I got stressed very quickly when I did not do my regular exercise routine everyday so I would always be in gym kit but this was not the correct balance to strike with exercise at all. It resulted in my ability to never wear gym kit as even walking up the stairs would wear me out.

Now however, I have found the balance which I think is so difficult for many people to find in some aspect of their life for me this was a mental balance involving exercise for some balance is crucial in a physical aspects such as balancing on a tightrope. Either way, one needs to achieve a middle point which might be hard to achieve.

After much education and learning to look after my only body I have. I discovered it needs rest as much as it needs the odd run or gym session in the week. It also needs a lot of fuel from food to keep going on both days which you do and do not exercise. Without either of these two objectives we cannot achieve our personal bests or even perform an exercise routine well. This might seem common sense to you but my mind was very distorted and I simply find it difficult to find the right amount of exercise to amount of food needed.

So I think it’s vital to learn not to go over board with fitness but really fine tune your ears to listen to what your body needs on a regular basis. Once you have found that perfect balance for you, it’s a great foundation for perhaps pushing yourself that little bit further on your next run but not overdoing it to cause harm.

So that’s why I have this mentality:

Listen to your body !

Nourish it and finally …

Love your body !

These simple steps certainly made my exercise routines more purposeful, fun and enjoyable. It also provides a great platform for someone who wants to get into exercise so find your equilibrium and enjoy it.


Old Shoes

No matter what exercise you enjoy, you have a good trusty pair of trainers even if you are new to exercise this is usually the first item in your new active wear range.

Trainers are no longer simply an item for the just gym, with major brands making a name for themselves in everyday fashion, to some peoples dismay. They are no longer simply black or white but come in a range of colours with bright pink, blue, green and purple to name a few. You can even personalise your own name or have specific coloured soles. However, when it comes to my gym sessions rather than opt for the fashionable adidas stan smith I go to my trusty pair of Nike Free Runs 5.0 in light blue. (my favourite colour.)

These are simply a pleasure to wear and from day one I have had no problem at all with blisters or sore feet which I usually get with any new pair of shoes. They are light and I do feel as though I am walking on a cloud. Even though, they are now showing signs of wear, I am pretty sure I will end up purchasing the same type again even to the extent of the same colour.

A reliable set of trainers can make fitness a lot more bearable whether your a regular returner to the gym or a first timer in that yoga session the last thing you want is red sore soles on the bottom of your feet preventing you from doing anything but sit down. A little like how cinderella’s glass shoes were the reason she found her happy ending, my Nikes were the reason I began to enjoy exercise more frequently.

This has now sparked my spending habits in all gym wear from new gym leggings, sports bras and even to the extent of trainer socks. Even with all the new gear though and a lighter purse, I still treasure my Nikes more and I would strongly recommend them to anyone desperate for a new pair of trainers whether that is simply for walking around town or for use in the gym.